About Us

Compass HR Consulting is a Full Service Human Resources and Operations Management Consulting company with the resources and expertise to help get your company where you need to be so you can concentrate on what you do best—running your business.

With experienced, qualified and “real world” backgrounds, Compass HR Consulting can provide client-specific “customized” human resources services and assistance to optimize your human resources operations to maximize efficiency, maintain compliance with local, state and federal requirements and therefore, mitigate risk.

We are available to provide client-specific/topic-specific project assistance AND/OR to serve as your strategic Human Resources business partner, providing Director, Vice President and/or Executive Vice President-level experience in Human Resources and Operations for a fraction of the cost or on a “per project” basis. In either case we will provide you with the right amount of highly professional HR services needed to sustain, maintain and grow your business.

You determine what your needs are — be they undertaking a specific project or series of projects, evaluating the alignment between your business strategy and your HR policies, evaluating the competitiveness of your compensation program, assisting in setting up a recruiting program, providing training on subject specific or generic topics, or conducting a compliance audit, Compass HR Consulting is available, as you determine, to address your strategic and “spot” needs.

HR Business Partner Services

By engaging Compass HR Consulting as your on-site professional Human Resources Business Partner, you are saving considerable costs in not having to pay for the full time HR services of a Director or Vice President.

All Compass HR Consulting Principals and Associates/Senior Consultants have been employed at the Director, Vice President or Senior Vice President of HR level. You’ll get that level of expertise, experience, abilities and know-how for a fraction of what it would cost you for a full time employee with the same level of expertise.

In addition to high level Human Resources Management talent and experience, our Principals and several of our Associates/Senior Consultants also have high level Operations and related experience at the VP or C-level for mid-to-large sized organizations.

Therefore, Compass HR Consulting can bring to your company, the talent, expertise, skills, experience and background to deal with not just your Human Resources issues but can tie Human Resources into your overall strategic plan, budgeting, “futures planning” and operations with the goal of providing efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the organization.

Some companies cannot solve problems from within. For a fraction of the cost of running an HR department, Compass HR Consulting can come in and get your company set to point north in all departments.