Compass VALUE Proposition

Why pay for services you don’t need! We provide more than a traditional HR Department. In addition to all of the known HR skills, we are experts in solving unique problems. Corporate HR problems are often complex and require solid knowledge across all aspects of successful business.

Our goal is to come alongside your business and meet your specific HR and/or operational/organizational needs. At our disposal are the very latest resources developed to help you care for your most valuable asset—your people.

You will see improved employee morale and a “bottom line” that makes everyone happier. We at Compass HR Consulting are uniquely suited to produce consistent, successful outcomes for companies large and small. The bottom line… we will give the best HR advice and support possible so you can concentrate on what you do best—running your business. We are available for on-going engagements, short-term projects, and/or problem identification and resolution. You determine how our help is structured.

We can serve as your strategic HR Business Partner or we can provide project-specific services.

With the right tools, you can survive in today’s ever-changing work environment. Let’s face it… all people are different. Your employees represent your human capital! In order to compete in your industry and grow your business, you need to manage this resource. It is your greatest asset and source of competitve advantage.