Industries Served

Compass HR Consulting is aware that different industries have different requirements and needs. We will be able to meet your needs with our diverse service offerings and over 50 years of combined HR and Operations expertise in a variety of industries and sectors.

Some of the industries and sectors we have worked and provided services are:

  • New Business Development
  • Current Business Assessments
  • Medical Practice Operations and Management
  • Call Center Operations, Management, Education and Training
  • Commercial Construction---Office and Field Management and Operations
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Warehouse, Distribution & Supply Chain Management and Operations
  • Electric Utility
  • Government (City, County, State, Courts)
  • High Technology 
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Insurance Management and Operations
  • Non-Profit, Not-For-Profit Management and Operations
  • Tribal Government, Education Services, Business and Casino Enterprises