We offer a range of human resources and operations-management consulting services which can be tailored to your needs so you can focus on your growing your business. We work with you and your staff to develop and implement solutions and provide the necessary coaching and training to lead to your business and their success.

The Compass HR Method™

We have developed and perfected the Compass HR Method™ that provides each company we serve with a unique set of deliverables customized to the present and future needs of the business.

Working with your management team and others you identify, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your Human Resources “environment” and make recommendations designed to:

  1. Assess the alignment between your business objectives and your HR and/or Operations, Organizational and/or other related programs.
  2. Determine if there revisions needed to better align programs including performance, rewards, and training programs.  For examples – if customer service is a mantra but the training programs emphasize pushing product, there is misalignment. If the words are "we promote from within" but the last 4 managers were hired from competitors is there misalignment.
  3. Evaluate alternatives to align your business objectives and process with HR and/or Organizational policies, program, and processes.
  4. Identify your “compliance quotient” for applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  5. Recommend steps to get into or needed to remain in compliance.
  6. Determine the viability of your recruiting/hiring/on-boarding practices.
  7. Determine the quality of job descriptions used in hiring, training, and compensation processes.
  8. Evaluate your company’s market competitiveness.
  9. Analyze your benefit package and other programs.
  10. Evaluate your training programs.
  11. Look at other client-identified areas.
  12. Determine if your organizational alignments for individual departments and/or overall company/business structure assist or impede effective management and operations.

We will provide a comprehensive report identifying areas where you may want to consider improvements, as needed, suggested step by step priority rankings of things needed as well as those areas where initiatives already in place are working well.

You decide what and when to initiate any enhancements to your Human Resources program.  Browse through our services to see how Compass HR Consulting can help your business.