Training Programs & Workshops

Training within organizations is critical at all levels. Customized learning activities improve performance and personal growth. The overall goal is to improve jobs, people and the organization as a whole.

Compass HR Consulting has developed hundreds of customized classes designed to respond to unique issues within companies.

The following is an abbreviated list:

Management Incentives Compensation
Creating targets for sales, profits and working capital.

Sales Incentives
Drive sales performance to reach company objectives.

Fiduciary Liability
Proper management of 40l(k) plans.

Compensation and Benefits
Creating a performance management system and salary review process.

Analyzing Performance Problems
How to create a positive, results-oriented attitude in the workplace.

High Performance in the Workplace
Measure and manage performance.

Cliques and bullies in the Workplace
What to do about this surprisingly common occurrence in the workplace.

Employee Commitment
Important for the success of any business.

People Management
Do policies, procedures and management reflect mutual leader/employee respect?

E-Learning in the Workplace
Moving beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom.

Cross Training
Explores unique ways of learning to improve overall performance.